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Mudders Mud & Snow Shoes

Mudders Mud & Snow Shoes

Move effortlessly across mud, snow, or sand without sinking down or getting stuck

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Mudders Mud & Snow Shoes

Constructed of chemical-resistant, non-stick plastic. Utilize expandable wings to provide 180 square inches of support when crossing soft terrain. Worn over boots or waders, the wings expand as you step onto soft surfaces to increase boot area by four times and then retract to 8˝ when you lift your foot. Webbing on the underside of the wings forms a sealed chamber to trap air and eliminate “suction” common with other footwear. Quick cinch-and-release boot straps. Sold by the pair. One size fits all.

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Quick Specs

UNSPSC 46181500
Made In United States

Quick Specs

UNSPSC: 46181500
Made In: United States

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Needed to cross some saltwater marshes and sloughs. These made it happen. They perform better on horizontal surfaces - its a little tricky getting up and down angled slough banks as the air compression doesn't quite get locked in. My only wish was that they would make a smaller size. The men, in their size 11 boots had no trouble keeping them on. My size 6 boot tended to slip up and out the back, even with straps at max closure. Still, a great product! Highly Recommend!!!


I bought a pair of these a couple years ago before Forestry Suppliers carried them. While they help they are not failsafe. After about 5 minutes of my 1st excursion; I sank past my knees. Bottom line, you have to "test" the marsh, before putting your full weight on any given area.


For several years I've been spraying purple loosestrife in a cattail bog with a 3gal backpack sprayer in August when it's about 90 deg out. I make two treatments every year and walk about a quarter to a half a mile each time I do this. It's kind of like walking in two feet of crusted snow in the spring, take a few steps and break through to my knees, get up on top for a few more steps and down I go. After finishing my first spraying last year I swore I was through with this unless I could find a much better way. I bought the Mudders in time for the second (follow-up) spraying and was very pleased to find them working as well as I had hoped for. I would never go snowshoeing for fun nor would I ever go "Muddering" for fun but If I can find a tool to make my work much more effective, I'm in! As far as the other review commenting on their longevity I can't argue with as of yet, but if I get a few more years worth out of them and I think I will, I'll for sure buy another pair.