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All-Weather Rain Gauge

English or Metric

Item #: 88991
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All-Weather Rain Gauge, English

Made to U.S. Weather Bureau specifications. Collects rain in top, funnels it to removable inner tube graduated in easy to read characters. Overflow chamber catches excess for later measurement. Mounting bracket and one-year rainfall record included.

Product Notes

  • English Scales.

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Quick Specs

MPN 88991
UPC 0758182226595
UNSPSC 41114400
Made In United States

Quick Specs

MPN: 88991
UPC: 0758182226595
UNSPSC: 41114400
Made In: United States

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When water freezes will it break
Yes if water freezes in this gauge there is potential for it to break.



I've had my rain gauge for well over ten years and it performed like a champ. Rain, snow, sleet, no problem. I figured it didn't crack when it froze (rarely, I almost always empty it daily) because the water could expand upward in the tube when it froze. It did that for years. Until it didn't and now I need a new one. Can't really blame the product because I was lulled into carelessness. Highly recommend.


I have used this rain gauge as part of the CoCoRaHS network and will be adding one to construction site monitoring starting in the spring. It is accurate, has high capacity, and is durable. If you pull the funnel and inner cylinder in winter, it will withstand ice better than the $5 hardware store gauges. I am in my second Minnesota winter and have not had it crack after a freezing rain, even though the cheaper rain gauges at the construction site have broken three times. I empty it daily, so maybe that is why it has not cracked.


There is a serious opportunity here for the manufacturer to offer a true freeze-resistant model. Using a different plastic could do it (and it might be made more UV resistant, too). It freezes in Minnesota, you know. Also snows. Not only will the inner tube crack; the outer one will also. The funnel is useless in snow or freezing; but if you take the funnel and inner tube off; the outer tube alone will accurately capture snowfall, which can be melted and measured for moisture content. But - eventually, you will get caught- if snow melts in the tube due to warming; then freezes, then melts -etc- the outer tube will crack. If you can absolutely never forget to measure/empty - works great. But - someday, you won't. And the plastic does get brittle with age. It's pricey as is. But would I pay $100 for one that doesn't freeze, and lasts 10 years? Yep.