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Arborist Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler
Shoulder Shot

Arborist Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler

Pneumatic Throwbag Launcher

Item #: 83250
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Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler

Easily shoot a 12 oz. throw weight and line (both sold separately) a vertical distance of 200+ feet with great accuracy. Made of solid stainless steel and all non-corrosive material, the Shoulder Shot includes a built-in spring loaded safety on the valve release handle to prevent any accidents and misfires. The air chamber can be pressurized up to 125 psi and refilled quickly with a handheld pump or small compressor (not included). The faster you release the the valve, the farther the shot and line will travel. Using a 12 oz. throw weight, the following distances can be reached using the stated psi: 25 psi shoots 25 vertical feet, 50 psi shoots 50 vertical feet, 75 psi shoots 100 vertical feet, 100 psi shoots 175 vertical feet, and 125 psi shoots 200 vertical feet.

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Quick Specs

Brand Shoulder Shot
MPN Shoulder Shot
UPC 0619175671528
UNSPSC 46182300
Made In United States
Typical PSI/Distance PSI Vertical Distance 25 25´ 50 50´ 75 100´ 100 175´ 125 200´

Quick Specs

Brand: Shoulder Shot
MPN: Shoulder Shot
UPC: 0619175671528
UNSPSC: 46182300
Made In: United States

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What is the barrel length?
The barrel length on the Shoulder Shot is 28" and the overall length is 55"
How much does Shoulder Shot weigh?
The Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler weighs 13.25 pounds without a bag loaded.

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