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Edgit Pro™ String Trimmer Attachment

Item #: 80105
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Edgit Pro String Trimmer Attachment for Echo String Trimmers

Works as a trimming and edging guide for straight shaft trimmers. Indicates where the trimmer’s string is cutting and holds the trimmer’s spinning string in the groove. Allows user to produce perfect vertical edges when edging, or when trimming, it stands the grass up as it is being cut while also helping the user hold the trimmer level.

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Quick Specs

Brand Edgit
MPN 1001
UNSPSC 27112700
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Edgit
MPN: 1001
UNSPSC: 27112700
Made In: United States

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What trimmers is this item compatible with?
To see the list of compatible trimmer models please visit the Edgit Pro website and click on the trimmer. There will be a drop down box next to the item that shows its compatible models.
Does the Edgit come with the three screws to mount it?
All required hardware is included.



My property is about 0.4 acres. During the summer, I edge the driveway, walkway, the front yard, two sides of the lawn bordering the garage, the border of two trees, and four flower beds every three weeks, and about 350 ft of borders and the base of four trees in the backyard about every six weeks. The Edgit Pro works great, making a consistently straight cut if I rinse off soil and plant material from the base of the Edgit Pro "plastic disk" and make sure it rotates freely before each use of the string trimmer. It has not given me a single problem after eight years of use. The device is ingenious and uniquely original, but the price is high, given it is simply comprised of a base made of plastic, which is attached to the end of the string trimmer, and a plastic disk that rotates against the disk.


there are sometimes that there are not words to describe an item that makes your life easier. I started a little business about lawncare and I was worried about how to make edges or lines so I Did some searching and I found the Edgit Pro. The lines are like your signature let me tell you that I fly with this Edgit.


Starting on my 3rd season with an Edgit. I love the way it does horizontal cutting, very level -keeps rocks and other debris from flying up at you. Cuts great lines along concrete with less stress of trying to keep a straight vertical line, and that means a faster job well done.