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Model 40-DB-1 Duckbill Earth Anchor

1/16˝ Cable

Item #: 79130
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Duckbill Earth Anchor Model 40

1/16˝ Galvanized Cable

An upward pull on anchors rotates duckbill into a load-lock position approximately 15° from horizontal. Further tension causes anchor to plane sideways through undisturbed soil, increasing holding power. No rods, stakes, pipes, or stems above ground. Made of tinzalloy aluminum alloy, will not corrode or rust. Driving rod required to drive anchor vertically into undisturbed soil to required depth. Order driving rod separately. Holding capacity to 300 lbs. in normal soil. 1/16” x 20” Cable. Duckbill is 3” Long x 1/2” diameter.

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Quick Specs

Brand Duckbill
MPN 10228-II
UPC 662711423617
UNSPSC 30121800
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Duckbill
MPN: 10228-II
UPC: 662711423617
UNSPSC: 30121800
Made In: United States

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We used these model 40 anchors for the first time to secure metal poles that were supporting a cable grid and netting to keep waterfowl from landing on a small BMP Pond near an airport. Installation was simple and they locked right in place. The grid has only been up a few weeks but we are not seeing any slippage of the anchors. Ready for the next project!


We tried using the model 40 anchors for securing logs in a river when we did a river cleanup. They held till spring when the thaw caused flooding that broke the cables. We now use the model 68 and have had better luck.


Model 40 is sufficient for most small trees. I live in an area that can get high winds and have lost 2 trees that were blown over in high winds. The traditional wood tree stake just doesn't work. The duckbill anchor works best and is not as unsightly at the tree stake.