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Tree Bandage® Wound Dressing

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Tree Bandage Wound Dressing, 16 oz. Spray Bottle

A unique solution for trees with damaged limbs or trunks! Tree Bandage penetrates into the wound and forms a glassious covering that actually becomes part of the tree. Non-toxic and non-hazardous with zero VOC, the water-based formula will not harm the tree or bush. When applied, the silica in Tree Bandage forms a silicon dioxide (quartz) protective bandage. Only minutes after application, the bandage begins forming. Within a week, the bandage is usually completely hardened, allowing calluses to form over the wounded area. Immediately after trimming or pruning, apply Tree Bandage using a brush or sprayer (when treating large areas or shrubs). Two or three applications may be required to fully cover the wound area. Coverage is 100 square feet per gallon per coat.

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UNSPSC 21102200
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Tree bandage worked great on a Japanese Maple I hit with a string trimmer. This is an excellent non-petroleum based product. My guess is molds, fungus, and pests don’t like the silica. I made a few YouTube videos showing the healing progress. https://youtu.be/fC5eCzqrH74 https://youtu.be/RHy6sbmBv9U


In summer 2018 I was in Japan for a month and my guestroom overlooked this typically beautiful garden behind a local temple. It had many mature trees both deciduous and evergreen. It had a dedicated arborist which is not unusual in Japan. One day I saw the arborist climb one of their traditional triangular ladders, pull out a Silky, trim one or two carefully selected lower branches, and then pull out a spray bottle from his workbelt and spray the wounds. "I need something like that" I was thinking, so I dashed over to the garden to find the arborist. In my very poor Japanese I asked about the spray. Imagine my surprise when he showed it to me and it turned out to be from the U.S. and was Tree Bandage! Whoa! When I got home I bought some from Forestry Suppliers and have successfully saved a 50-yr old Magnolia that had lost limbs in an ice storm, and now use it for all large pruning. The silicone bandage fools the tree into ignoring the wound. Stand upwind of the spray. Apply 2-3 times.


Our 30\' high maple tree had a huge gash in the trunk when we bought the home in 2012. In spring 2016, we noticed that the tree did not leaf out fully. An arborist told us it was dying and would have to be cut down the following year. I purchased this and applied it 3-4 times the summer of 2016. In spring 2017, the tree produced a full crown of leaves and looked better than ever! We are very thankful for this product!! It saved that mature beautiful maple tree!