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Eijkelkamp Wet Sieving Apparatus

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Eijkelkamp Wet Sieving Apparatus

Ideal for use in soil stability studies and erosion research, this device determines the wet aggregate stability of soil. Aggregate stability indicates the resistance of soil structure against mechanical or physico-chemical destructive forces. This wet sieving apparatus works on the principle that unstable aggregates break down more easily than stable aggregates after immersion in water. To begin testing, simply fill the 8 sieves (each featuring 60 mesh screen) with a given amount of 1mm to 2mm air-dried aggregates. The sieves fit into a sieve holder, and each sieve is then immersed into an individual can that is filled with water. Once the apparatus is powered on, the sieve holder moves up and down for a set period of time. During this process, unstable aggregates fall apart, pass through each sieve, and then collect in the water-filled cans. An index for aggregate stability can then be determined.

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Quick Specs

Brand Eijkelkamp
MPN 08.13
UNSPSC 41113900

Quick Specs

Brand: Eijkelkamp
MPN: 08.13
UNSPSC: 41113900

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