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Desk Labs

Sea Floor Simulation Kit

Item #: 76698
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Sea Floor Simulation Kit

Designed to be hand-held or submersed in a standard 10-gallon aquarium. Major sea floor topographic features and plate tectonic graphics are depicted on the 3-D model to give students a view of sea floor geology, as well as, colorful cut-away profiles related to theories on sea floor spreading and continental drift. When used in an aquarium, the activities simulate several variables related to ocean circulation such as turbidity, salinity, convection, and upwelling currents. Food coloring dye, salt, and ice are used to give the viewer a first-hand look at how currents sweep across the ocean surface, down slopes, and along the sea floor. When submersed the model also simulates rift vent and volcanic eruptions. Lesson and activities may be adapted to grade-level benchmarks.

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Quick Specs

Brand Desk Labs
MPN none
UNSPSC 60104400
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Desk Labs
MPN: none
UNSPSC: 60104400
Made In: United States

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