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Nelson® Boundary Mark® Brush Type Boundary Paint


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Blue Gallon Nelson Boundary Mark Boundary Paint

Nelson Brush Type marking paint is a solvent-based paint formulated for brush-on application for making bright, long-lasting marks on boundaries, witness trees, research plots, and nest trees. Solvent-based color applications will last 5 years or more under typical conditions.

Note: Quantity discounts apply to same-color orders. Call for quote on larger quantities.

*Some states accept Purple Boundary Paint and markings for boundary designation and No Trespassing markings. Please consult your state and local laws for more information.

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Warning:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Quick Specs

Brand Nelson
UNSPSC 31211513
Operating temperature: -40°F to +120°F.

Quick Specs

Brand: Nelson
MPN: AF3A700
UNSPSC: 31211513

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We use the Nelson Boundary Mark for all our land trust boundaries and trails. The paint applies well through a wide range of conditions. When used for trail marking, this paint needs to be refreshed every other year to maintain a high-visibility brightness. The orange variety is easily mistaken as red from a distance. We now mix in a bit of yellow paint before application to achieve a brighter, more distinct orange. Overall we are happy with this product and recommend it to the landowners with whom we work.


Used the quart sized boundary paint recently and found the brightness and durability to be as expected. However each quart had a thick layer of caked up paint in the bottom that no matter how much the cans were shaken, could not be mixed. Normally we would thin out the paint to solve this problem, but since we were specifically looking for longevity we wanted to keep the paint at its designed consistency. This led to a lot of clogs in the paint guns and frustrated foresters.


We mark about 35 miles of boundary every year. This paint works well and holds up well. We are on a 4-year rotation for our boundary sections. The paint definitely lasts that long. It would probably last another year or two; but youd be pushing its limits after 5 years. Pros - It is an oil-based paint; dries fairly quickly (I think it says it will withstand rain after 1 hour); and goes on easily. Cons - smells strong; and works best if it is professionally shaken before use. Since we dont have access to a shaker machine; we shake it in the can; then stir it; but thats not ideal for getting all the material blended. We tried another brand of paint; but that other brand was not as thick; didnt cover as well and was very runny. We are loyal Nelson paint users!