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Schonstedt® GA-52Cx Heliflux® Magnetic Locator

Schonstedt® GA-52Cx Heliflux® Magnetic Locator

Responds only to magnetic fields.

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Schonstedt Model GA-52Cx Heliflux Magnetic Locator

This high-quality locator accurately pinpoints the location of iron survey boundary markers, P-K nails, manhole covers, valve boxes, and similar ferrous objects without being misled by non-ferrous objects such as brass, aluminum, copper, water, and ice. It has a broad dynamic range with five individual sensitivity settings (six settings if counting OFF as a setting) to provide for improved pinpointing accuracy. Its most sensitive setting is probably beyond the normal needs of the land surveyor, but can be used effectively by those seeking to locate horizontal cast iron water and gas lines. Larger objects can be detected at lower depths. A 4˝ diameter cast iron pipe can be detected at 8´ below the surface, 3/4˝ x 18˝ iron pipe markers at 7´, iron valves at 8´, and well casings at 15´! The GA-52Cx even detects magnets in plastic closures, water and gas lines made of iron, and P-K nails on resurfaced roads. A built-in piezoelectric speaker provides clear, sharp signals to alert you to ferrous objects, while the modular case, no-roll construction, high performance components, and weather protected controls contribute to better handling, more reliability, and greater sensitivity. Carrying case included. Seven year warranty. How the GA-52Cx works... The GA-52Cx locator has two magnetic field sensors spaced 20˝ apart. A signal, or signal change, is produced in the loudspeaker when the magnetic field at one sensor is stronger than the magnetic field at the other sensor.

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Quick Specs

Brand Schonstedt
UNSPSC 41114200
Made In United States
Operating temperature: -13°F to +140°F. Output: Approximately 40 Hz idle tone in speaker. Tone frequency increases or decreases with gradient-field intensity. Battery life: 40 hours, 2 9V batteries included. Overall length: 42-1/4˝. Waterproof length: 34-1/2˝. Weight: 2.5 lbs.


Quick Specs

Brand: Schonstedt
UNSPSC: 41114200
Made In: United States

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