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Silva® Ranger® 2.0 Compass

Black/Orange Bezel

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Silva Ranger 2.0 Compass with Built-In Clinometer, Azimuth with Black/Orange Bezel

Rotating compass dial with graduations every 2°. Swedish steel needle pivots on a liquid damped, sapphire jeweled bearing. Built-in magnetic declination adjustment screw. Mirror-sighting with luminous points. Needle orienting arrow and lines. Map magnifier. Clear protractor baseplate has inch scale edge (graduated in 16ths), millimeter scale edge and Romer Scales of 1:24,000, 1:25,000, and 1:50,000. Clinometer reads to ±90°. 2-3/8˝ x 4˝ closed. Breakaway lanyard features 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scales. Instructions included.

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Quick Specs

Brand Silva
MPN 544927
UPC 7318860199363
UNSPSC 41112901

Quick Specs

Brand: Silva
MPN: 544927
UPC: 7318860199363
UNSPSC: 41112901

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I have been a forester for 50 years as well as an outdoorsman. Much of my state is 10 million acres of very remote "Unorganized Territories," most without cell service. I own and use 5 different GPS units but the Silva Ranger is my Go-To compass on every trip. It's ease of use, durability, and accuracy are undisputed.... and its batteries are never dead. When all else fails the Silva Ranger will get you there.


This is a great compass for beginners and experienced natural resource workers alike. I am a senior in college studying forestry, and was taught to read a compass last year and take bearings on this very product. The mirror makes it quick and convenient to sight something in the distance and take a bearing. The built-in adjuster for degrees of declination is also very convenient for making accurate readings (at my college we experience 2 degrees E declination). I carry it with me whenever I am outside for more than an hour, as it is reliable and easy to use. Hope this helps anyone who is searching for a good and affordable compass that will (hopefully & probably) last a lifetime.


I am a junior at Colorado State in Forest Management, just got back from a 6 week cruise in Pingree Park, Colorado studying Forestry and Natural Resources. This compass was the recommended compass for the Forestry class. Everyone in the class had this compass, including myself. The orange bezel is awesome in the woods, the mirror is fantastic and super clear when locating azimuths, and it comes with the declination tool and a decent lanyard. All that being said, me and my group are sitting at our plot one day and I open my compass to find at least 8 different rings and components fall to the forest floor, the compass decided it wanted to disintegrate right in the middle of the woods. I believe I got a fluke or a random defect because the rest of the group's compass' held up the entire course. If you find that you have bought a defective compass, simply return it for another and I guarantee you'll be happy once more, these compasses are awesome. Hope this helps!