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Smucker Green Weeder

Smucker Green Weeder

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Smucker Green Weeder

This lightweight, handheld dauber lets you apply herbicide without drift or waste - even on windy days! The cellulose sponge requires no adjustment, is ideal for spot treatment, and helps you save money by placing herbicide exactly where it’s needed to target invasive plants and weeds. The handle is 45-1/2˝, and the head is 4˝ x 2-1/2˝ diameter. Total volume is 32 oz.

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Quick Specs

Brand Smucker
UPC 746790112089
UNSPSC 21101801
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Smucker
UPC: 746790112089
UNSPSC: 21101801
Made In: United States

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This dauber does a great job of what you want it to do: put product on a freshly cut stump where you want it and nowhere else. We have been cutting and treating bush honeysuckle and it has been very effective. It has a good capacity to use for the better part of an hour before having to refill. We are buying another because one day in the woods, I was backing up and my feet got caught in some vines and I fell over and the sponge assembly broke off above the valve where the neck is narrow. Fortunately I was not hurt and very little product ran out even though it was about 2/3 full. We had roughly 12 hours of use on our first dauber without any problems. The video recommends rinsing the sponge before and after you use it. We did not do it as we had not seen that recommendation, but did not have any issues. However, we will do it with our new one.


I've been killing invasive plants for a few years now in a several-acre woodland restoration. I own and use the other Smucker products and just started using their dauber. Each tool has its pros and cons, but I don't know of anything better for certain purposes. The dauber is working well for me with rosettes and small herbaceous plants. I hope to have better longevity than the previous reviewer, but if I can get a season, or even half a season out of a unit, it will be worth it. I'll purchase another. It's so much easier than spraying. Targeting and the reach of single plants is better too. Safer than spraying as well since there is no pump or high pressure.


Worked great for the first few months but then then sponge lost its seal which is needed to apply the necessary pressure. I've been through two now. Still needs some design work to make it right.