Ben Meadows

Ben Meadows is now Forestry Suppliers

We are pleased to announce that in late August, 2018, the Ben Meadows Company was purchased by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Ben Meadows and Forestry Suppliers have been friendly competitors since the mid-1950s. In fact, Ben Meadows actually began his career at Forestry Suppliers in 1952 before branching out on his own.

Our top priority is maintaining the values shared by Forestry Suppliers and Ben Meadows, like a large selection of quality products, fair pricing, fast-shipping, repairs, generous exchange policies, and free technical support to name just a few.

Forestry Suppliers is a family-owned company whose commitment is to treat our customers in the same way that we like to be treated. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

What does this mean for me?

Will you continue to honor my Ben’s Shipping Deal membership? Yes, provided you have previously paid Ben Meadows to join the Ben’s Shipping Deal and it has not expired. As part of the transition, Ben Meadows customers have a new Forestry Suppliers account already set up. Your Ben’s Shipping Deal information has been coded to provide this offer up to your expiration date. A letter including your new Forestry Suppliers account number has been sent to you with this information. Contact our Customer Service department at 800.752.8460 for more information.

Are Ben Meadows promotions still active? Yes. Any Ben Meadows promotion that was planned to run past August 28 has been set up with Forestry Suppliers. You can use the same promotional codes on the phone or on the web site to receive the same offers.

Do you carry all of the Ben Meadows products? While we may not have every single product, we do have most of them. To streamline this transition, we have worked to make this change as seamless as possible for you. When you search for an item, you may use either a Ben Meadows stock number or a Forestry Suppliers stock number, and the item detail page will display both numbers for reference. Our Customer Service department has the same ability for phone orders. In the event we do not have a product that is an exact match, we will refer you to a product that has been determined to be a close match. Contact our Customer Service department at 800.752.8460 for more information. There will be instances where we do not have a product to offer. In these cases, contact our Tech Support team at 800.430.5566 for help.

What if I have a return? If you have something that was purchased from Ben Meadows before August 29, we are glad to help. Call or email our Customer Service department at 800.752.8460 and we’ll make it right!

What if I need warranty work? We are glad to help with warranty work for any qualified product that you bought from Ben Meadows. We can access your order history to confirm the warranty work to proceed. Contact our Customer Service department at 800.752.8460 for details.

Can I use my Ben Meadows login on your web site? Yes. Provided your email address matches the address you used to access your account on the Ben Meadows web site, you will be prompted to reset your password (for your security we do not record passwords). Once your password is reset, you will have login access to the Forestry Suppliers web site.

I have ordered from both Forestry Suppliers and Ben Meadows. Which login should I use? You should continue using your Forestry Suppliers login.

Can I use Net 30 payment terms? Yes. Simply make the request at the time you order. If you had Net 30 terms with Ben Meadows and maintained a good payment history, we will likely be able to extend terms to you.

Do you have my order history? Yes. Our Customer Service staff can access your history should you need it. Please contact our Customer Service department at 800.752.8460 for help.

Will there be a sales tax on my order? On all orders, all applicable taxes will be applied. If you are in the state of Mississippi, you will be charged an 8% sales tax. Those outside the state of Mississippi will not be charged sales tax currently. Government entities and tax exempt organizations will not be charged a sales tax.

What if I have a backorder after August 28th? Forestry Suppliers will ship your backordered items once they are received, and you will receive a confirmation of the shipment via email. The Ben Meadows company has provided us a list of orders with backordered items and you’ve likely already been contacted about your order. If not, please let us know. Contact our Customer Service department at 800.752.8460 for updates on your order status and expected delivery.

Will I continue to get email promotions? Yes. If you are new to Forestry Suppliers, we will send you a few introductory emails. If you’d like to receive promotional emails, you won’t have to do anything. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of our emails.

Will I start getting Forestry Suppliers mailings? If you like. Initially you may receive brochures, a master catalog and several pieces throughout the year. We will mail you select pieces throughout the year. If you’d like to change your mailing preferences, contact our Catalog Mail List department at 800.368.7788 and they will code your account accordingly.

I had contract pricing in place with Ben Meadows. Is this still in place? Yes. If you have any such arrangement, your account has been noted for referral to our Bid and Contract department. If you place an order over the phone or on the Forestry Suppliers web site, you will be forwarded to the Bid and Contract department. For more information or to speak with them directly, contact our Bid and Contract department at 800.752.8461.

I have an open bid that expires past August 28. Is this bid still active? We have bid information on file and will do our very best to honor it. Hopefully you have already been contacted regarding your quote(s). Please contact our Bid and Contract department at 800.752.8461 to follow-up.

What is my Forestry Suppliers account number? Every mailing that you receive from Forestry Suppliers will include your account number printed above your name and address, and will start with a C or P. You can use this number to Quick Register on our web site, or on the phone. Contact our Customer Service department at 800.752.8460 for more information.