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Davis® Vantage Pro2™ Wireless Weather Station
Davis® Vantage Pro2™ Wireless Weather Station

Davis® Vantage Pro2™ Wireless Weather Station


Item #: 94503
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Wireless Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station

Provides detailed current weather conditions and expanded forecasts - all at a glance! The Vantage Pro2 uses a frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio from 902 MHz to 928 MHz to transmit and receive data up to 1,000´ (300m) line of sight. In addition, the weather station features a bubble level, improved anemometer base, redesigned wind cups, and factory-calibrated wind direction. The integrated sensor suite combines temperature and humidity sensors, rain collector with an aluminum-plated tipping bucket, and anemometer into one package for easy setup. Measure inside and outside temperature and humidity, heat index, barometric pressure, dew point, rainfall, wind direction and speed, and wind chill. Use the buttons on the weather station’s console to easily navigate through often-used functions. One portion of the 3-1/2˝ x 6˝ LCD display provides the most important weather variables at all times. A variable portion of the display allows you to choose what is displayed from several pre-determined options. View over 80 graphs, including in-depth analysis of temperature, rain, rain rate, wind, and barometric pressure. Forecast icons let you know what type of weather to expect, and a ticker-tape display provides expanded forecast details. Use the optional solar radiation sensor to measure solar radiation and monitor evapotranspiration (along with an anemometer and temperature/humidity sensor). WeatherLink software for Vantage Pro2 (sold separately) allows you to collect, analyze, and display weather data and transfer data to your PC; and an optional Agricultural/Turf Management Software Module (sold separately) provides specialized reports for farmers, growers, and turf managers according to the individual’s needs with a user-defined 24-hour period and growing season. Includes a console/receiver, integrated sensor suite with transmitter, solar panel, 40´ (12m) anemometer cable, and mounting hardware. Additional console/receivers (sold separately) can be used to view data from several locations. An optional wireless repeater with solar power can be used for improved reception. Depending on terrain, transmitting and receiving ranges are 100´ to 1,000´ (30 m to 300 m) for each repeater. The optional solar power kit transforms your weather station into a stand-alone outdoor system, and includes a solar panel, a regulator circuit, and a rechargeable battery. You can even build your own custom weather station using individual wireless stations. Choose a wireless temperature station, a wireless temperature/humidity station, a wireless soil moisture/temperature station, a wireless leaf and soil moisture/temperature station, or the solar-powered complete wireless soil moisture/temperature station. Each component sold separately When using the wireless leaf and soil moisture/temperature station, you can add up to 2 leaf wetness sensors, 4 soil moisture sensors, and/or 4 temperature probes. Sensors and probes sold separately. Data can be viewed on the Vantage Pro2 console/receiver, or you can add additional wireless stations or console/receivers to a complete wireless Vantage Pro2 station. As many as 8 transmitters can report to a single console, and an unlimited number of consoles can receive data from a single transmitter. Wireless consoles operate up to 9 months on 3 C-cell batteries.

Note: To create a system equivalent to the Davis® GroWeather™ Weather System, you should purchase the following stock numbers: 94503, 94606, 94607, 94545, 94564, and 94565.

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Quick Specs

Brand Davis
MPN 6152
UPC 116980072262
UNSPSC 41114400
Made In United States
Resolution: Barometric pressure: 0.01˝ Hg, (0.1 hPa/mb). Barometric trend: change ≥ 0.06˝ Hg = rapidly; change 0.02˝ Hg = slowly. Inside and outside humidity: 1%. Dew point (overall) and frost/dew point at high humidity: 1°F (1°C). Daily and storm rainfall: 0.01˝ (0.2 mm). Monthly and yearly rainfall and rain rate: 0.01˝ (0.2 mm to 1,999.9mm; 1 mm above). Inside and outside temperature: 0.1°F (0.1°C). Heat index: 1°F (1°C). Wind direction: 1°. Compass rose: 22.5°. Wind speed: 1 mph, 1 km/h, 0.4 m/s, or 1 knot. Wind chill: 1°F (1°C). Range: Barometric pressure: 16.00˝ to 32.50˝ Hg (410 to 820 mm Hg, 540 to 1100 hPa/mb). Barometric trend: 5 position arrow: Rising (rapidly or slowly), Steady, or Falling (rapidly or slowly). Inside humidity: 1 to 100% RH. Outside humidity: 1 to 100% RH. Dew point (overall) and frost/dew point at high humidity: -105° to +130°F (-76° to +54°C). Daily and storm rainfall: 0 to 99.99˝ (0 to 999.8 mm). Monthly and yearly rainfall: 0 to 199.99˝ (0 to 6553 mm). Rain rate: 0 to 96˝ (0 to 2438 mm). Outside temperature: -40° to +150°F (-40° to +65°C). Wind direction: 0 - 360°. Compass rose: 16 points (22.5°). Wind speed: 2 to 180 mph, 2 to 156 knots, 1 to 80 m/s, 3 to 290 km/h. Wind chill: -110° to +135°F (-79° to +57°C). Solar radiation sensor: 0 to 1800 W/m2. Wireless signal distance: 1,000´ line of sight. Accuracy (±): Barometric pressure: ±0.03˝ Hg (±0.8 mm Hg, ±1.0 hPa/mb). Inside humidity: ±3% (0 to 90% RH), ±4% (90 to 100% RH). Outside humidity: ±3% (0 to 90% RH), ±4% (90 to 100% RH). Dew point (overall): ±3°F (±1.5°C). Daily, storm, monthly, and yearly rainfall: ±4%. Rain rate: ±4%. Inside and outside temperature: ±3% (0 to 90% RH), ±4% (90 to 100% RH). Heat index: ±3°F (±1.5°C). Wind direction: ±3°. Compass rose: 0.3 comp. pt. Wind speed: ±2 mph (2 kts, 3 km/h, 1 m/s) or ±5%, whichever is greater. Wind chill: ±2°F (±1°C).

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