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Nel-Spot Dura-Built Tree Marking Gun

Long trigger for a convenient three-fingered pull.

Item #: 55909
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Nel-Spot Dura-Built Tree Marking Gun

Attaches directly to a quart can without the need for an adapter. Made of lightweight but extremely strong material that keeps your hand warmer in the winter than metal models. Comes with reversible, self-cleaning 0.021” nickel-finished nozzle.

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Quick Specs

Brand Nelson
MPN LT-104
UNSPSC 31211513
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Nelson
MPN: LT-104
UNSPSC: 31211513
Made In: United States

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I am not getting the amount of spray per pull that i would like and the prime is not sticking. In the LT-104 which internal parts should i replace the gun is at least 5 years old. And is there any way i can get another manual for the gun?
We always recommend a good cleaning, that can solve many issues with these guns. The parts that periodically need to be replaced are the leather cups, stock # 55851 or no. 18 on the parts diagram. The instruction manual can be found by clicking on the documents tab when viewing the product on our website.



Good quality paint gun. Prefer this design to any competitor. Seems more durable and less prone to needing a complete o-ring rebuild.


Not a bad paint gun, it's my go-to after trying a few. I rarely have to waste time fixing it, and the paint clogs it less often than the guns that have a filter screen on the bottom, since that screen gets gummed up with paint so quickly. My old one worked better than the newer ones, but still decent. Fits in my hand nicely, which is my main reason for using this type of gun. My only complaint is that the newer ones are coming with handles made of really soft plastic. I have guns that are going on 10 years old and still going strong, but the one I bought two years ago, the trigger mechanism in the handle wore through and just snapped off. Threw another handle on it and it's been great since. They just need to toss the factory handle and put the replacement handle on it to begin with. They have a metal piece that protects the trigger mechanism. I don't know what paint other people use, but I've never had a can fall off any gun I've used, and I've thrown my gun taking bad falls.


Third gun in 10 months. Third time is a charm but I still had to replace the plastic piece on the bottom. For the money I wish they were made with more metal pieces.