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Davis® Vantage Vue™ Wireless Weather Station
Davis® Vantage Vue™ Wireless Weather Station

Davis® Vantage Vue™ Wireless Weather Station

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Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station, English

The Vantage Vue displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and more! Frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio technology wirelessly sends data up to 1,000 feet (300 m) away and provides updates from the outdoor integrated sensor suite to the indoor console every 2.5 seconds. The WeatherLink Console features a vibrant, HD color touchscreen that lets you easily view current and historical data, create over 100 graphs, set alarms to warn of weather dangers, and calculate indexes. Sealed electronics in the sensor suite provide excellent protection against the elements. Use the optional WeatherLink® software (sold separately) for extensive weather analysis and data storage.

Product Notes

  • English Scales.

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Quick Specs

Brand Davis
MPN 6242
UPC 116980091218
UNSPSC 41114400
Made In United States
Temperature – Range: Inside Temperature, +32° to +140°F (0° to +60°C); Outside Temperature, -40° to +150°F (-40° to +65°C); Resolution: Current Data, 0.1° or 1°; Historical Data and Alarms, 1°. Accuracy: Inside Temperature, ±1°F (±0.5°C); Outside Temperature, ±1°F (±0.5°C) above +20°F (-7°C); ±2°F (±1°C) under +20°F (-7°C). Humidity (Inside and Outside) – Range: 1 to 100% RH. Resolution: 1%. Accuracy: ±3% (0 to 90% RH), ±4% (90 to 100% RH). Barometric Pressure - Range: 16.00˝ to 32.50˝ Hg, 410 to 820 mm Hg, 540 to 1100.0 hPa/mb. Resolution: 0.01˝ Hg, 0.1 mm Hg, 0.1 hPa/mb. Accuracy: ±0.03˝ Hg (±0.8 mm Hg, ±1.0 hPa/mb). Wind Speed – Range: 2 to 180 mph, 2 to 156 knots, 1 to 80 m/s, 3 to 290 km/h. Resolution: 1 mph, 1 km/h, 0.5 m/s, or 1 knot. Accuracy: ±2 mph (2 kts, 3 km/h, 1 m/s) or ±5%, whichever is greater. Wind Direction - Range: 0-360°. Resolution: 16 points (22.5°) on compass rose. Accuracy: ±3°. Wind Chill - Range: -110° to +135°F (-79° to +57°C). Resolution: 1°. Accuracy: ±2°F (±1°C). Rainfall - Range: 0 to 199.99˝ (0 to 6553 mm). Resolution: 0.01˝ or 0.2 mm. Accuracy: Greater of 4% or 1 tip. Dimensions - Integrated Sensor Suite: 12.95˝ x 5.75˝ x 13.40˝; Console: 8.25˝ x 6˝ x 0.75˝.

Quick Specs

Brand: Davis
MPN: 6242
UPC: 116980091218
UNSPSC: 41114400
Made In: United States

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Is this specific thermometer/weather equipment approved for use in the GLOBE program for collection of weather data?
This product is approved for use in the Globe Program.
Can you tell me the distance the weather station must be from the control panel that will be inside? Also does it have to be in direct line of sight?
The minimum distance for reception is 10' and the maximum distance is 1000'. To obtain reception at 1000' there must be a direct line of sight. Obstructions and especially metallic ones will limit reception.

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