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TimberLine Saw Sharpener

TimberLine Saw Sharpener

Item #: 94500
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TimberLine Saw Sharpener

Provides you with professional sharpening results on your saw chain and keeps your saws cutting at peak performance! Every tooth is sharpened evenly with the carbide cutter fitted on a hand crank, so you get identical height, length and angle on each tooth for top cutting results. An adjustable stop or pawl pushes the chain forward into the carbide cutter setting the length of each cutting tooth. The solid platform acts as a fixed guide to sharpen each cutting tooth accurately on the chain with little or no deviation. Angles are set at a standard 30°. The TimberLine Saw Sharpener can be used on virtually all chainsaws. 3/8” Pitch requires 7/32” carbide cutter (or 13/64ths if the manufacturer suggests). .325” Pitch requires a 3/16” carbide cutter. 3/8” Low profile pitch requires a 5/32” carbide cutter. Carbide Bits sold separately.

Note: Carbide Bits must be purchased separately.

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Quick Specs

Brand Timberline
MPN SawSharpner
UPC 793573831248
UNSPSC 27112746
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Timberline
MPN: SawSharpner
UPC: 793573831248
UNSPSC: 27112746
Made In: United States

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How long do the bit last before changing?
There is not a set lifetime on the bits. It all depends on how bad the chains are on the saws, but they last a long time. Very few customers have had to buy new bits, unless they were running them like the chainsaw themselves.
what carbide bit would I need for a Oregon 72LGX072G chain on a Husqvarna 455 Rancher with 20" bar, 3/8"(.375") Pitch x .050 Gauge
The 7/32" bit is what that chain needs. Our stock number is 94550.
What angle bit do I need for stihl? (MS 441)
If you are running the original Stihl chain with 3/8" pitch Timberline recommends using the 13/64" carbide bit for 3/8" pitch, item 94548.



I love this sharpener, it’s compact enough to throw in my equipment bag and sharpen my chain right there on the spot, fast and convenient


Good product. Does a great job. The other reviews I read are correct; it's best to use on a chain that hasn't been sharpened by hand too many times. You'd be surprised at how far off you can be when sharpening by hand, taking more off some teeth than others, but sometimes you have to when they get out of whack. Trick is to sharpen often.


I think this sharpener works good especially for worn uneven chains it gets them all perfect and sharp I also think its best to start with a new chain less hassle trying to get it all to even after the chain was hand sharpened, I think the handle is good and once you get a tooth set it does wonders in 5 fast turns, brand new chain again, good product and I will order another bit just in case this one gets dull, but after trying I would recommend it to co-workers and crews who do chainsaw work.