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Forest Ranger Canteen

Item #: 93275
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Forest Ranger Canteen, 1 Quart

Also known as the GSA or USFS canteen, this one-quart plastic bottle comes with a cap. Fits in the canteen pocket or pouch of most wildland fire packs. Meets USFS Specification 5100-84B.

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Quick Specs

MPN 8465-00-102-6381
UNSPSC 46191600
Made In United States

Quick Specs

MPN: 8465-00-102-6381
UNSPSC: 46191600
Made In: United States

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Is this product BPA free?
Yes, it is BPA free.
How wide is the neck?
The opening is 1.25” in diameter.
Size dimensions please
The canteen is 8” tall, 3.5” wide and 2.5” deep.



Oldie but goodie. For me it has been a trusted, dependable and durable water bottle.


This is a good cheap water bottle. I like the rectangular shape better than a Nalgene because it fits better in the back pocket of a vest. The drawback is that the cap will break fairly easily if the bottle drops while full of water. Not ideal in remote situations, but easy enough to prevent.


I use these canteens for work; we get them through the GSA system on wildfires. They fit nicely in outside pockets on many packs and fit nicely in my hand, making it easy to stay hydrated. They freeze and thaw well. I've left a full bottle in the truck overnight during winter, and it didn't split or crack, just bulged a bit and returned to its normal shape when it thawed. I always mark mine with a strip of blue electrical tape near the top to indicate it's a water bottle, and to add some grip. They're inexpensive, so I keep one on my desk at the office, on my desk in my home office, in my vehicles, and in the saddle bag on my motorcycle. There's no excuse to not have a water bottle if you order a half-dozen of these. The only drawback is the cap breaks easily if you drop the bottle, but you can replace it with any 33/400 plastic cap (if it was on something safe to consume), or order some from a packaging supplier online.