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Solinst® 3001 Levelogger® 5

Used for pump and slug tests and long-term level monitoring.

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Solinst 3001 Levelogger 5, M5, 5m/16.4 ft.

An excellent choice for long-term water level monitoring in a wide range of groundwater and surface water applications including wells, lakes, streams, harbors, tanks, etc. The self-contained Levelogger 5 combines a Hastelloy® pressure sensor, temperature detector, 10-year lithium battery, and a datalogger with a memory for 150,000 sets of readings. A smooth, single-eye optical interface allows for easy cleaning and more reliable, faster communication. The components are sealed inside a 7/8˝ diameter x 6.3˝ long stainless steel housing with a corrosion-resistant coating baked-on using polymerization technology (inside and out). Double o-ring seals ensure excellent leakage protection. The Levelogger 5 utilizes a Faraday cage design to protect against power surges or electrical spikes caused by lightning. A Hastelloy® pressure sensor delivers more stable readings in extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The Levelogger 5 measures pressure and temperature and displays temperature compensated level readings and temperature readings. Choose from linear, event-based, or customizable recording schedule sampling. Streamlined software offers easy datalogger programming, and simplified data compensation allows for multiple data files to be barometrically compensated at once. Absolute pressure (water pressure + atmospheric pressure) is measured and expressed in feet, meters, centimeters, psi, kPa, or mbar. To obtain the most accurate water level readings, use a Barologger 5 (sold separately) to compensate for atmospheric pressure. The Levelogger 5 can be suspended on a stainless steel wireline or Kevlar® cord. You can also use an optional L5 Direct Read Cable (sold separately) to connect the Levelogger 5 to the surface for easy downloading of data and reprogramming without removing the unit from the water. Programming the Levelogger 5 is easy. Simply connect to a PC using an Optical Reader (Desktop Reader 5 or Field Reader 5, each sold separately) or PC Interface Cable. A single screen allows you to fill in project information and sampling regime. Templates of settings can be saved for convenient re-use.

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Quick Specs

Brand Solinst
MPN 114609
UNSPSC 41114300
Maximum Number of Readings: 150,000 sets of readings. Sample Interval: 0.125 seconds to 99 hours. Sampling Modes: linear, event-based, or customizable recording schedule. Stainless Steel Level Sensor – Accuracy: ±0.05% FS. Resolution: 0.002% FS to 0.0006% FS. Temperature Sensor – Range: -20°C to 80°C. Accuracy: ±0.05°C. Resolution: 0.003°C. Communication Interface: USB, RS-232, SDI-12. Power Source: lithium battery (included). Battery Life: 10 years.

Quick Specs

Brand: Solinst
MPN: 114609
UNSPSC: 41114300

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