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Rogue Hoe

Rogue Hoe “The Beast” Hoe/Axe

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Rogue Hoe The Beast 5.5” Hoe/Axe with 40” Curved Hickory Handle

Designed for the wildland firefighter, this Pulaski-style tool is built tough to stand up to rigorous field use. The head includes a 5.5˝ Rogue Hoe on one end with a 4.5˝ axe on the other. Rogue Hoe’s legendary, tempered steel blade stands up to the toughest use, and features a 3.5˝ metal ferrule to guard against over-strikes.

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Quick Specs

Brand Rogue Hoe
UPC 68633145474
UNSPSC 46191600
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Rogue Hoe
UPC: 68633145474
UNSPSC: 46191600
Made In: United States

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I ordered two of these Rogue Pulaskis, one each for my daughter and her boyfriend. They are seasoned wildland firefighters. When they brought their new Pulaskis out on the job, their teammates were all impressed. Each teammate took turns with the Rogue Pulaski, and now they all want one! I am ordering four more. Two for my father, one for a wildland firefighter, and one for myself. They are excellently built and although longer and a bit heavier than the average Pulaski. They save the back and provide opportunity for a stronger swing.


I bought the Super P a couple years ago due to my love for the Pulaski and the work I've put in with it on fires. This Beast can work and run circles around the standard Pulaskis on the line due to its razor sharp hoe. My only real complaint is that the axe needs more weight as the hoe is heavier and results in a less effective cut and more glancing hits. Other than that, it truly is a Beast and highly recommend all Rogue tools to anyone needing a fire tool or a serious trail building tool!


I have used the Rogue Beast daily for the last 2yrs root docking invasive bush honeysuckle the quality & design are excellent. If I wasn’t using it so hard, I’d call it a legacy tool that you could pass down through generations. Blades are reportedly fabricated from reused farm disc steel. Edges are very sharp. We scrape the cheap shellack off and refinish the Hickory handle with boiled linseed oil. I use my cutter mattock for rocky soils. Not quite the weighty balance of a true Pulaski, but the longer curved Hickory handle allows an easier standup swing. Less back strain. Love it.