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Deep Drip® Watering Stakes
Deep Drip

Deep Drip® Watering Stakes

Targeted irrigation that goes straight to the roots

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Deep Drip Tree Watering Stake, 8”

Efficient and easy to use, these watering stakes promote strong root development by delivering water and fertilizer directly to tree roots. Water flows freely through the holes of the underground stake. Water isn’t lost to evaporation or run-off, and the deep saturation allows you to water for shorter periods. When tree fertilizer is placed in the shaft of the stake, water passes through the granules and carries nutrients directly to the tree roots. In addition, the stakes also aerate the surrounding soil with oxygen. Designed for use with a garden hose, flood irrigation, or in conjunction with your automatic landscape drip system, the durable stakes can be placed directly in the hole during planting or driven into the ground around an existing tree.

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Quick Specs

Brand Deep Drip
UPC 857849002197
UNSPSC 40142000

Quick Specs

Brand: Deep Drip
UPC: 857849002197
UNSPSC: 40142000

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How big around is the 14"?
The 8" is 3/4" in diameter, 14" is 1" in diameter, 24" and 36" are 1" at bottom and 1.5" at top diameter.
For a dogwood tree, what size would you recommend and how many sticks, and how long would you water it with the hose. Also should the water from the hose drip into the stake. Am a novice at this. We just bought a ten foot dogwood. Thank you for your attention.
I would suggest getting a stake that is long enough to reach the root ball below the soil surface. To view the installation instructions please click on the documents tab on the product page. The manufacturer recommends 2-3 stakes per tree. There are a couple of different methods to get the water into the stake. Some people will set up drip lines that run to the stakes. Once the water is cut on water flows directly to the stakes. We do not sell the supplies to set up a drip line. The second option is to build a berm around the tree with the stakes inside the berm. When it is time to water you basically flood the berm and water enters the stakes from the surface and delivers water to the roots. This method also allows for the surface roots to receive water too. The third method is to take the hose to each stake and fill them up individually by removing the cap.

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