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Enrich™ 10-52-4 Fish Pond Fertilizer

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Enrich 10-52-4 Fish Pond Fertilizer, 25 lb. Bag

Enrich 10-52-4 Water Soluble Fish Pond Fertilizer can increase the number of fish in your pond by three to four times, resulting in 300 to 400 pounds of fish per surface acre. Fertilizers increase the amount of phytoplankton which are microscopic green plants. Phytoplankton is the base of the food chain in a pond and then consumed by zooplankton which are microscopic animals that are eaten by aquatic insects and small fish. Due to the thriving food chain the amount and size of the larger fish will increase.

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  • Restricted Sales: R93 Cannot be sold Internationally

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Quick Specs

MPN Enrich FishPond
UNSPSC 47101500
Made In United States

Quick Specs

MPN: Enrich FishPond
UNSPSC: 47101500
Made In: United States

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