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Cygnet Select Blue Pond Colorant

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Cygnet Select Blue Pond Colorant, 1 Gallon

Ideal for use in golf course water hazards, lakes, ponds, decorative water features, and impounded bodies of water with limited outflow, this organic dye tints water a deep, rich blue. Coloring remains visible for up to four months under normal conditions. The colorant can be poured directly into water at several locations or into streams in recirculating systems to increase dispersion. Do not apply directly to drinking water sources. Allow several hours for dispersal before swimming, irrigating, or fishing. Apply 0.25 gallons of Cygnet Select per acre-foot of water. Additional colorant may be added as needed to maintain desired coloration.

Product Notes

  • Restricted Sales: R8 Cannot be sold in CA, MA, NJ, NY, VT, WA
  • Restricted Sales: R93 Cannot be sold Internationally

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Quick Specs

Brand Cygnet
MPN Cygnet Select Blue Dye
UPC 038005909134
UNSPSC 47101500
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Cygnet
MPN: Cygnet Select Blue Dye
UPC: 038005909134
UNSPSC: 47101500
Made In: United States

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