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MossBack FIsh Habitat

Mossback Fish Habitat™ Fish Magnet

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Mossback Fish Habitat Fish Magnet

The Fish Magnet is an adjustable fish attractor designed to bring fish to you! This attractor can be portable or permanent, and can be hung from any dock, pier, boat, bridge, kayak, or buoy. It is perfect for recreational fishing on-the-go! Use it at your local fishing spot or take it with you on the road to enhance any fishing experience. It quickly attracts and holds both bait and sport fish and is perfect for day and night fishing. It is designed to be used in both fresh or salt water. The flexible and textured limbs are snag-resistant, providing a pleasant fishing experience. Use in shallow or deep water (3´ minimum water depth – excess length can rest at bottom). The Fish Magnet comes with a mesh bag for transporting.

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Quick Specs

Brand MossBack FIsh Habitat
UPC 856961004645
UNSPSC 70101800
Made In United States
Height: 7 feet. Width: 23 inches. Weight: 5 lbs.

Quick Specs

Brand: MossBack FIsh Habitat
UPC: 856961004645
UNSPSC: 70101800
Made In: United States

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