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Aquashade® Colorant

Aquatic Plant Growth Control

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Aquashade Colorant, 1-Gallon

Add to your pond, fountain, etc. to control algae and other unwanted vegetation by screening out light required for growth. Completely non-toxic, EPA registered. When properly applied, will not harm fish, wildlife, dairy cattle, turf, water lilies, or ornamental aquatic plants. Will not discolor painted surfaces. Contains a blend of blue and yellow dyes designed to absorb specific wavelengths of light critical to plant photosynthesis. In large ponds, use one gallon of Aquashade per acre of water with 4 foot average depth (approximately 1.3 million gallons). Stays in the entire body of water depending on water flow and light penetration. Apply twice during growing season of amount necessary to maintain color. For best results, treat water with Cutrine®-Plus prior to applying Aquashade. At the same time, turn the water into a beautiful shade of aqua-blue! One-gallon jug.

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Quick Specs

Brand Aquashade
MPN Aquashade 1 Gal
UPC 038005907017
UNSPSC 10171700
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Aquashade
MPN: Aquashade 1 Gal
UPC: 038005907017
UNSPSC: 10171700
Made In: United States

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