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Lab-Aids® Making and Interpreting Topographic Maps

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Lab-Aids Making and Interpreting Topographic Maps

Developed by SEPUP, this activity provides students with a basic understanding of topographic maps and how to interpret them. Students conduct a hands-on investigation using the topographic model to construct contour lines and create a topographic map of an area. The activity illustrates the relationship between the contour lines on a topographic map and the actual shape of the land. Kit provides materials for 6 groups and includes 6 Topographic Basins, 6 transparent plastic lids, 6 dry-erase markers, 1 15ml bottle of blue food coloring, 1 Street Map of Boomtown transparency, 1 Topographic Map of Boomtown transparency, 1 Teacher’s Guide and SDS packet, and 28 Student Worksheet and Guides.

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Brand Lab-Aids
MPN 439S
UPC 650146014
UNSPSC 60104400
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