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Freshwater Aquatic Macroinvertebrate: Insect Identification Flashcards

Freshwater Aquatic Macroinvertebrate: Insect Identification Flashcards

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Lamotte Aquatic Macroinvertebrates: Insect Identification Flashcards

Full-color, laminated flashcards help students identify and understand freshwater aquatic macroinvertebrates. These 21 flashcards identify aquatic insects found on decaying leaves and feature a photo, line drawings and identification tips.

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Brand LaMotte
MPN 5882-SA1
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Which insects are included in this set
This kit contains flash cards for the following insect families, orders, or sub-orders 1. Athericidae (Family) 2. Tipulidae (Family) 3. Simuliidae (Family) 4. Chironomidae (Family) 5. Trichoptera (Order) 6. Coleoptera adults(Order) 7. Coleoptera larvae (Order) 8. Sialidae (Family) 9. Corydalidae (Family) 10. Hemiptera (Order) 11. Plecoptera (Order) 12. Zygoptera (Sub-Order) 13. Anisoptera (Sub-Order) 14. Ephemeroptera (Order) The kit also contains four flash cards with seven non-insect invertebrates on them: 1. Decapoda (Order) 2. Platyhelminthes (Phylum) and Oligochaeta (Class) 3. Hirundinea (Class) and Gastropoda (Class) 4. Isopoda (Order) and Amphipoda (Order)

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