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Lab-Aids® Soil Composition & Structure Activity

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Lab-Aids Soil Composition & Structure

In the first of three activities, students describe a soil sample, then identify the similarities and differences between their group's descriptions and those of other groups and develop a primary definition of soil. Activity 2 expands the investigation of soils by using a water column to separate soil samples into various components. This data provides more evidence on the types and proportions of the different materials in each soil and allows students to refine their previous definition of soil. Activity 3 is a reading which provides information that expands their personal experience and observations from the previous activities to deepen and refine their understanding of the composition, structure and development of soil. Contents include: 18 Plastic Cups (9-oz.), 12 clear plastic tubes with caps, 12 index cards (3x5), 8 plastic teaspoons, 6 Sieves, 6 Graduated Cylinders and bases (50-mL), 6 graduated cups (30-mL), 6 AB trays, 1 bottle of Soil A (32-oz.), 1 bottle of Soil B (32-oz.), 28 Student Worksheet and Guides: How to Measure Length using a Metric Rule, 28 Student Worksheet and Guides: Measuring Volume with a Graduated Cylinder, 28 Student Worksheet and Guides: Soil Composition and Structure, 1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS, and 1 Transparency: Comparing Particle Size.

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Quick Specs

Brand Lab-Aids
MPN 1102
UNSPSC 60103900
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Lab-Aids
MPN: 1102
UNSPSC: 60103900
Made In: United States

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