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Lab-Aids® Reading River Sediments: A Simulated Mineral Exploration Activity

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Lab-Aids Reading River Sediments

Students will conduct a mineral exploration which simulates real-life economic, societal and issue-oriented problems. The activities are designed to introduce and use topographic maps and learn about rock types, erosion and river dynamics. Based on the understanding that as water works along the earth's surface and through the ground, it picks up small amounts of the minerals found in the rocks and sediments. Certain minerals ionize, then travel along in the moving water and later react chemically with the surface of river sediments. The closer the section of river is to a mineral deposit, the greater the detectable amount will be of the river sediments. This kit is reusable. Each sample site can be tested a minimum of 50 times with the material included in this package. Contents: 24 Test Site Vials (1 - 24), 24 Stir Sticks, 15 detailed Topographic Maps, 15 LAB-AIDS Chemplates, 15 Sets Sample Sites Choice Cards, 3 Molybdenum Testing Solution drop control bottles (15 mL), 1 Package LAB-AIDS Mining Money, 30 Student Worksheet and Guides, 1 Teacher’s Guide, and 1 SDS packet.

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Quick Specs

Brand Lab-Aids
MPN 435
UNSPSC 60104400
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Lab-Aids
MPN: 435
UNSPSC: 60104400
Made In: United States

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