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Lab-Aids® Soil Nutrients, Fertilizers and Environmental Impact Kit

Developed by SEPUP

Item #: 76596
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Lab-Aids Soil Nutrients & Fertilizers

Nitrogen is one of the essential plant nutrients found in soil. With this kit, students will measure the amount of nitrogen in several different soils. Then they will examine the role of nitrogen in plant growth and consider the effect of excess nutrients in an ecosystem. Kit includes 1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS, 32 Student Worksheets and Guides, 1 Vial of Potting soil, 1 Vial of Nitrate testing powder, 2 bottles of Fertilizer solution, 3 bottles of Nitrate extraction solution, 8 Vials labeled “N”, 8 Vials labeled “B”, 16 AB trays, 8 Stir sticks, 8 White scoops, 8 SEPUP Filter funnels, 8 fine filter-paper circles, 8 pipets (3-mL), 8 Nitrogen color charts, and 8 Graduated Cups (30-ml).

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Brand Lab-Aids
MPN 318S
UNSPSC 60103900
Made In United States

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