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Lab-Aids® The Rock Cycle Activity

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Lab-Aids The Rock Cycle Activity

This game illuminates and reinforces the concept of the rock cycle, including the formation and break down of rocks and the processes by which one type of rock can become another. Playing in groups of four, students record what happens to their set of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. After completing the game, they work together to share results. A detailed student sheet guides students on how to use their results to describe the rock cycle. The kit contains eight complete sets of the game so that an entire class can play simultaneously. Complete contents include a Teacher’s Guide, 32 Student Worksheets and Guides, 32 Geologist's Notes, 8 Rock Cycle activity boards, 32 activity pieces, 8 Number Cubes, 9 Earth Process cards, 8 Igneous Rock Cards (Set of 20), 8 Metamorphic Rock Cards (Set of 20), and 8 Sedimentary Rock Cards (Set of 20).

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Quick Specs

Brand Lab-Aids
MPN 404S
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Lab-Aids
MPN: 404S
Made In: United States

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