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Spectra Scientific

Spectra Scientific Bladder Pump Sil 2.0™

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Spectra Scientific Bladder Pump Sil 2.0

Built with non-toxic inert materials, this bladder pump sets a new standard in the industry and does not contain potentially PFAS-contaminated materials such as LDPE, HDPE, or Teflon. The user-friendly pump features an internal silicone bladder sleeve that is easy to replace between wells and saves valuable time in the field. Simply unscrew the pump assembly, remove the sleeve, and replace. The pump withstands operation in even the harshest conditions, and the highly innovative design greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination. Use the Bladder Pump Sil 2.0 with the Spectra Scientific Hydro Pro Bladder Pump Controller and Compressor (sold separately). The Hydro Pro is equipped with a full duty cycle 120 PSI internal compressor and can reach depths of 275 feet (84 meters) for easy groundwater sampling. The microprocessor controller features intuitive controls and a countdown timer. The display shows run time (total time spent sampling), refill time (total time bladder pump is refilling with water), pump time (total time compressor is on and pressurizing the internal bladder chamber), and battery voltage. A ventilated interior with a fan and an exhaust allows air to flow through the compressor to prevent humidity buildup.

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Quick Specs

Brand Spectra Scientific
UNSPSC 40151520
Spectra Bladder Pump Sil 2.0 - Bladder Material: Medical-grade silicone. Bladder Length: 9.8". Volume Per Cycle: 75ml. Pump Material: 304 SS. Pump Length: 13.5". Pump Outer Diameter: 1.75". Pump Weight: 7 lbs. Air Line Tubing Size: 1/4" OD. Water Line Tubing Size: 3/8" barbed or 1/4" OD.

Spectra Hydro Pro Controller - Controller Material: 1413 Pelican Case. Compressor: 120 PSI full duty cycle. Maximum Pressure: 120 PSI. Maximum Depth: 275 feet (84 meters). Air Line: 1/4" OD push connect. Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C. Power Supply: External 12V supply. Dimensions: 15.4"L x 13.8"W x 7.9"H. Weight: 16 lbs.

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