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Forestry Suppliers Deluxe Plot Center Stick

Item #: 59706
$76.95  $65.40
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Forestry Suppliers Deluxe Plot Center Stick

Versatile stick features sharpened point, soft rubber grip, and solid aluminum shaft. Hi-vis orange, it’s easily seen in dense brush and can mark your plot center when timber cruising or conducting inventory work. Engraved Biltmore stick markings help you measure tree diameters from 10” to 40” and log heights from one to five logs. In addition, the stick features an integrated 1/4” x 20 thread in the top of the handle. The included stud allows for easy adaptation when using the stick with instruments such as the Haglöf® DME Cruiser. Can also be used as a hiking staff in difficult terrain.

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Quick Specs

Brand Forestry Suppliers
MPN 59706
UPC 0758182223587
UNSPSC 21102200
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Forestry Suppliers
MPN: 59706
UPC: 0758182223587
UNSPSC: 21102200
Made In: United States

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What is the length of the plot center stick?
The Deluxe Plot Center Stick stick is 44" tall.



Great for hiking stick as well as measuring DBH and Log height. Solid construction! A little on the heavy side but no complaints.


Great improvement over the collapsible, aluminum plot center sticks. Heavy duty enough to use as a walking stick/brush beater, yet light enough to carry all day. Highly recommended!


Sent the following as text to friend, and thought it would be exactly the review I would want to find. Forgive simplified methodology. so you'll appreciate this forestry staff: 1) graduations on "sides" for standing log volume and tree diameter 2) forest inventory done as statistical sample. so I go to points on a map, and measure everything around plot center- this staff 3) it prunes dead branches when swung 4) keeps me from tipping over in a swamp 5) allows me to probe depth of swamp 6) keeps me from tipping and impaling on branches 7) hang vest on during sandwich/smoke breaks 8) can probe tree cavities and holes in ground w/o immediate risk to arm 9) can poke apart dead things to look inside (stumps, animals) etc! ;)