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Plastic Dial Caliper


Item #: 59591
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SPI Plastic Dial Caliper Model 31-415-3

Makes inside, outside, depth, and step measurements up to 150 mm. The metric dial is graduated to the nearest 0.1 mm. The ruler is graduated out to 6˝ in 16ths. Accuracy to ±0.0015 mm. Dial may be turned to adjust caliper to “zero reading” before measurements. Thumb roller rolls to the left for outside measurements, to the right for inside measurements. Sturdy plastic construction.

Product Notes

  • Combination English/Metric Scales or Units.

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Quick Specs

MPN 03883972
UNSPSC 41111621
Dial graduations: to the nearest 0.1 mm. Ruler graduations: 6˝ in 16ths. Accuracy: ±0.0015 mm.

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Decent 'light use' calipers. Good because they are all-plastic so can be used in salt water. Also very resistant to grit, etc., i.e., easily washed clean for re-use. Unfortunately the dial 'adjustment mechanism' becomes stiff and hard/impossible to zero over time. (And taking it apart doesn't work.) If it were cheaper, in keeping with its 'disposable' nature, I would rate it higher. (Stainless steel and digital calipers can cost less than these.) However, finding rugged metric calipers is hard (none of our local stores carry them) so I would recommend these to someone looking for calipers to use on/in salt water like we do. Rated three stars because they work, but should be cheaper or more durable.


These calipers are OK for light use. They are accurate and repeatable from caliper to caliper. However, the calipers are not appropriate for heavy use where accuracy is also required. In heavy use (meaning, constant use by a field crew over one season), the "pressure wheel" used to put a consistent amount of pressure on the jaws falls out. Thus, it is no longer possible to get a precise reading. The manufacturer does not provide replacement wheels (which would be easy to install).