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Panama Cylindrical Backpack Tree Marking Gun

Durable plastic carrier with 2? wide shoulder and belt straps.

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Panama Cylindrical Backpack Tree Marking Gun with Mild Steel Tank

Sturdy, circular steel tank with domed ends is pressure tested to 400 psi, safely operates at 125 psi. Built-in, hand-operated air pump operates at 30-60 psi. Air valve allows pressure-up from compressor or other source. Special clog-resistant, self-cleaning 3/64” nozzle. Holds 1-1/2 gallons. Complete outfit includes gun, tank, pump, carrier and air valve.

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Quick Specs

Brand Panama
MPN 03100
UNSPSC 31211513
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Panama
MPN: 03100
UNSPSC: 31211513
Made In: United States

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I've used the Panama Cylindrical Backpack Tree Marking Gun for several years now. I don't run with hand pump in my panama. I simply put the screw on cap on. Pour 6 qts of marking paint in and run the compressor up to 150psi. This is about the perfect combo for what I do. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to get someone to paint the trees for me:)


The only problem I have with this product is the harness straps. Very difficult to keep the latch closed. I ended up putting the whole unit in a school back-pack. That works well and even has storage for tools while marking timber.


I had to move to a gun where my hand muscles were not responsible for pushing the pain. Hand and shoulder issues for long term timber markers can be an itssue. I been doing it since 1983. I got a 12 volt air compressor from wal mart for 50$ and I pressurize the gun to 50-60 lbs and I can shoot a stream across a row. In rough tracts I can get away with not having to get as close to the tree. Fill up once in the morning and once at lunch... more productive than refilling quarts and standing around the truck talking. Must make the effort to keep it clean if you mark a couple hours and then check loggers then you might want a nelson or idico but if you mark for 8 hours straight this is the choice. Also, this gun makes a better mark with higher visibility, I like a nice wide horizontal stripe on a tree instead of a spot and this gun does that for me. Only way to go for professional markers.