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BugDorm Tray-Type Hanging Berlese Funnel

Item #: 54006
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BugDorm Tray-Type Hanging Berlese Funnel

This tray-type Berlese funnel is designed to let moisture evaporate naturally through the netting in the top compartment. It can rapidly extract soil-dwelling arthropods without requiring a heat source, especially when only a thin layer of leaf litter or humus is placed on the tray making it very efficient for locations where there is no electricity. The top compartment is made of white Nylon netting (104 x 94 mesh/square inch) to permit light to enter and moisture to quickly evaporate. The fast-release design of the tube connector permits cleaning of overlooked specimens from bottom opening. Includes 1 plastic funnel body, 1 mesh tray, 1 tube connectors (2 parts), 1 Eppendorf Tubes (50ml), and 1 carrying bag.

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Quick Specs

Brand BugDorm
MPN BT5001_3P
UNSPSC 60106300
Mesh (per sq. inch): 104 x 94 | 300 µm Aperture. Net Weight: 320 grams.

Quick Specs

Brand: BugDorm
MPN: BT5001_3P
UNSPSC: 60106300

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