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ChrisNik HoundDog Magnetic Locator

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ChrisNik HoundDog Magnetic Locator

The HoundDog is specially designed to locate hard-to-find survey markers under fences and around metal buildings. Using Fence Ignoring Technology, this magnetic locator can locate the positive (+) polarity at the top of ferrous metal objects (such as buried magnails, rebar, or other ferrous survey markers) and ignore negative (-) polarity found at the bottom (such as the bottom of chain link fences). Negative polarity is indicated by a green light and a low, steady audio tone. When positive polarity is detected, a red indicator light is activated and the normal locator audio tone is emitted. The HoundDog also features a Normal Locator Mode that detects metal objects (positive or negative polarity) and indicates the presence of either with the same normal locator audio tone and a red light. Storage pouch included.

Note: Designed for use in North America only.

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Quick Specs

Brand ChrisNik
MPN 18CN-ID2100S
UNSPSC 41114200
Dimensions: 38˝L x 2˝ dia. Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Quick Specs

Brand: ChrisNik
MPN: 18CN-ID2100S
UNSPSC: 41114200

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I need specs. Like, how long, and how big around, and how much does it weigh? I am working on outfitting an ATV, and just carrying a piece of equipment, becomes an exercise in it\'s dimensions.... Thanks N
This item is 38" long 2" diameter and weighs 3.5 lbs.



First Impressions - Very easy to operate. Light weight and length is perfect for average person keeping you from bending to use. Comes with battery installed and a cover for storage. If future use causes me to change my opinion I will update or enter a future opinion if updating this isn't available.