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Ochsenkopf Rotband-Plus Split-Quick Axe

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Ochsenkopf Rotband-Plus Split-Quick Axe

This axe features a wedge-shaped blade that provides optimum splitting results with less force needed. The patented Rotband-Plus design helps to ensure maximum work safety by incorporating a protective steel sleeve, tapered collar, fixing plate, and wood screw to bond the axe head and handle into one unit. The steel sleeve protects the hickory handle from damage, and the end of the handle is rounded for extra comfort. 5.5 lb. Head. 4.5˝ Blade. 31.5˝ Handle.

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Quick Specs

Brand Ochsenkopf
MPN OX 648 H-2508
UPC 017981001267
UNSPSC 27111600

Quick Specs

Brand: Ochsenkopf
MPN: OX 648 H-2508
UPC: 017981001267
UNSPSC: 27111600

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I had high hopes when I ordered this, and although it arrived quickly and well packaged, there were a couple of disappointments. First, the mask on the front of the axe head was a cheap vinyl like the one that came with my Harbor Freight Fireman's axe. Not only was it a cheap vinyl. but 2 of the 3 rivets had pulled through, so it was no longer functional. The other disappointment was the grain orientation of the handle. At first glance, it looked like the grain orientation was proper, but it had straight lines etched into the base of the handle which simulated grain. Under the proper light, the actual grain was diagonal with more of a bias to being oriented the wrong way (the axe head was also scuffed, so perhaps it had been returned for this reason). It not bad enough for me to send this axe back, as the assembly was great other than the shortcomings I described. I don't think I'd order another Ochsenkopf because I expect better quality at that price point.