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Tecnu Extreme® Poison Ivy Scrub

Prevents the rash from spreading and provides fast itch relief and healing.

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4 oz. Tube Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub

Tecnu Extreme contains micro-fine scrubbing beads to effectively remove urushiol from the skin and active ingredient Grindelia to immediately relieve itching and speed the healing process. The thick, creamy gel can be used before the rash starts as well as after a rash appears to relieve symptoms and stop the rash from spreading.

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Quick Specs

Brand Tecnu
MPN FG10253
UPC 083926101006
UNSPSC 51241208
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Tecnu
MPN: FG10253
UPC: 083926101006
UNSPSC: 51241208
Made In: United States

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If you are working up close and personal with a lot of poison ivy, this stuff is awesome. I keep it in the truck and in the shower. Seems to do a very good job of controlling any issues related to Poison Ivy exposure.


I am extremely allergic to poison ivy and have used the TECNU products for years. When I started working here where everyone is outside weather permitting I purchased this for fellow employees, the pre and post exposure products. They are literally incredible products and everyone here who had not known about them are grateful for them. I have them next to the first aid kit for all to see.


Bought this for poison ivy treatment and noticed the spreading seemed to stop. It's hard to tell how well it worked when I was already itching like crazy. I truly saw how well it worked to remove oils when I tried it on my hands after woring on my truck. They were covered in grease and oil and with a quarter size drop the grease and oil came off completely with very little effort. I have replaced my orange hand cleaner with this because it is so easy!