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Tick and Chigger Gaiters

Seal your pants to your boots to prevent ticks, chiggers, and more from crawling up your legs

Item #: 25092
$14.75  $12.50
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Tick and Chigger Gaiters, Pair

These gaiters even keep debris from getting in your boots and your laces from untying by catching on brush and vines. Heavy-duty, elastic material stretches allowing you to pull the gaiters on over your boots and pants, then shrinks back for a tight, secure fit. One pair.

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Quick Specs

Brand Forestry Suppliers
MPN 25092
UPC 0758182222610
UNSPSC 46181500

Quick Specs

Brand: Forestry Suppliers
MPN: 25092
UPC: 0758182222610
UNSPSC: 46181500

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These gaiters come in one size. The stretchy material will allow them to fit most people.



Surprisingly, there aren't many good options out there for tick gaiters that aren't ridiculously expensive. I searched for quite a while before finding these to replace a camo pair from a different manufacturer that wore out and are no longer made. These are the only ones of this type (one piece, no velcro, etc) that I found. Overall, they work as expected and provide protection from ticks getting up your pant legs. They are a bit tight for my liking, but better than too loose I suppose. As others have noted, they do fray with use and I find myself cutting off long threads periodically, but it is more cosmetic than anything so far, I haven't had a pair fail by tearing or falling apart yet.


These worked well for me. They are holding up well after one season. Together with treated pants, I didn't get ticks on me.


These are great, much better than the others I have tried. These are a bit tighter to get on but they also protect better for the same reason.