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Bandit Scarf

Better than a plain bandanna, this scarf filters particulates.

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Bandit Scarf

Incorporates a filter material (Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth™) which is strategically placed over the breathing area and laminated between two layers of 100% cotton. No replacement filters needed. Fully washable. Includes a nose clip to seal scarf around face and bootlace tie to seal underneath chin. Offers protection from petrol fumes, diesel fumes, low level ozone, acid gases, lead oxide, and irritant dusts.

Note: This mask does not provide heat or flame protection, nor does it provide complete respiratory protection from all gases or particulates. This mask is not intended to replace a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus. It is not meant for use in enclosed or confined spaces. The mask does not supply oxygen or filter out carbon monoxide (CO). The mask is not designed to filter silica, asbestos, or spray paint operations. Please follow all instructions provided with the products.
Note: Masks, face coverings, respirators, pre-filters, filters or cartridges are non-returnable if opened.

Product Notes

  • Restricted Sales: R75 Non-returnable if opened.

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Quick Specs

Brand Respro
MPN 0646
UPC 656654000646
UNSPSC 46191600
Lifespan: approximately 6 to 8 months.

Quick Specs

Brand: Respro
MPN: 0646
UPC: 656654000646
UNSPSC: 46191600

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The coolest looking mask for this currently covid crazy world. I sewed a 3/4" nylon strap and plastic buckle into the back of the mask, so now I don't have to bother tying it. I can just swing the mask around my neck, click the buckle, and pull in the strap to adjust. The neoprene nose section with a metal tab works great, makes a very good seal, and keeps my glasses from fogging up. The under-chin drawstring is the "Pièce de résistance" and helps create a good seal. I get lots of compliments on it while out and highly recommend using this mask after adding the nylon strap and plastic buckle. It also looks great when riding my motorcycle. The only real drawback to this mask is there are no stagecoaches to rob while wearing it.


I use this in a lab when burning asphalt samples in a furnace. When you take the samples out, lots of soot and dust. Regular dust masks fog up my glasses, this bandana does not. The cloth itself works just fine. The problem is the bandana is about 3 or 4 inches too short. I do not have a big head by any means, like a 6 3/4 to 7 hat size, but you put this around your face and have about 1 inch only on each side to try and tie it on behind your head/neck. Not a good design in that manner. Make them longer and you get 5 stars.