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E-Z-Ject™ Lance
E-Z-Ject™ Lance
E-Z-Ject™ Lance
E-Z-Ject™ Lance

E-Z-Ject™ Lance

Control undesirable trees with a fast herbicide injection system that kills invasive trees, stumps, and brush.

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E-Z-Ject Lance Standard Model

Use in a wide range of fields — forestry, utility and public works, parks and recreation, and golf courses — to control growth in areas that must be kept clear. Kills roots, stems and foliage. Lightweight and compact, this closed application system is approved for use in wetland and aquatic sites. There are no chemicals to mix or measure, and the operator never contacts the herbicide. Reloads in the field under all conditions. Herbicide capsules (sold separately) can be injected directly into selected brush and trees without danger to surrounding vegetation or to the injector operator. Application: Inject 1 capsule every 4” evenly around the trunk (below all major branches). Trees less than 2-1/2” diameter receive 1 capsule per stem.

Note: Check the restrictions for use of herbicide capsules in your state. The E-Z-Ject Lance may only be sold in states where each capsule is registered.

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  • Ships at an oversized rate.

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Quick Specs

Brand E-Z-Ject
UPC 654702009962
UNSPSC 10171700
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: E-Z-Ject
UPC: 654702009962
UNSPSC: 10171700
Made In: United States

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I was wondering what time of year was the best time to inject species such as sweetgum, bradford pear...etc?
Injection can be effective any time of year, but it is best to avoid the spring when the sap is flowing heavily through the trees. The most effective times are fall and winter.



I have had my EZ-Ject lance for 3 years. It works extraordinarily well. Far easier and quicker than traditional "hack and squirt." More efficient, too, so you actually use less herbicide. It is very important that you thoroughly clean the injector head after each use. Rinsing or soaking in water will do it. This will prevent jamming and sticking which can happen if too much dirt or herbicide residue builds up in the head.


Glyphosate salt is a very hydoscopic material and will turn into a sticky liquid that fowls the injector if stored in a warm, humid environment for an extended period. We have had excellent success killing off locally invasive Bush Honeysuckle but we do have to be careful about capsule storage in the summertime. The best thing about EzJect is that you can totally eliminate off target damage to other vegetation even in the hands of a careless operator.


The ezject is a great tool but summer temps make tha shells run thus creating a mess within the lance. I`ve learned to use it in the cooler temps.