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CoreTect® Tree & Shrub Tablets

Tree and Shrub Insecticide Plus Fertilizer

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CoreTect Tree & Shrub Insecticide/Fertilizer Tablets, Container of 250 Tablets

CoreTect contains the world’s leading tree and shrub insecticide (Imidacloprid) as well as 12-9-4 fertilizer and micronutrients to deliver vital, sustained nourishment. CoreTect can be used during planting or on established ornamental trees and shrubs. Controlled release of the insecticide ensures effectiveness over a long duration of time, up to two years. In addition, CoreTect’s nutrients make trees and shrubs stronger, healthier, and more resistant to environmental stress. To apply, simply place the 2.5-gram tablets in the soil. Use 2 to 3 tablets per inch of trunk diameter or per foot of shrub height. Pests controlled include: adelgids, aphids, Japanese beetles (adults), flatheaded borers, lace bugs, leaf beetles, leafminers, leafhoppers, mealybugs, pine tip moth larvae, psyllids, roundheaded borers, royal palm bugs, sawfly larvae, soft scales, and whiteflies. Active Ingredient is 20% Imidacloprid.

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Quick Specs

MPN CoreTect
UNSPSC 10191500
Made In United States

Quick Specs

MPN: CoreTect
UNSPSC: 10191500
Made In: United States

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i have Ash tree issues, not sure if emerald ash borers are flat head or round head borers, i know the main insecticide is the one recommended for emerald ash borer. so would this be effective against emerald ash borers and how does it compare with Bayer tree and shrub fertilizer (contains the same insecticide)?
Ash borers are flat head borers. This product is not recommended for Emerald ash borers. It is rated for other flat and round head borers but not Emerald ash borers. If you are trying to control Emerald ash borer we do have another product called AceCaps that are rated for Emerald ash borers along with other tree pest. AceCaps are our item number 92931, 92911, or 92921 depending the quantity of caps you need.

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