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Arsenal® Applicator’s Concentrate Herbicide

53.1% Isopropylamine Salt of Imazapyr

Item #: 17135
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Arsenal Applicator’s Concentrate Herbicide, 1-Quart

Controls most annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds, vines, and brambles. Also controls hardwood trees for site preparation and release of loblolly pine stands. Arsenal is an aqueous solution to be mixed in water and applied as a spray. For best results when using backpack sprayers, use a spray surfactant such as Cide Kick II. Active ingredient: 53.1% isopropylamine salt of imazapyr.

Product Notes

  • Restricted Sales: R9 Cannot be sold in CA, MA, VT, WA

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Quick Specs

Brand BASF
MPN 4305
UNSPSC 10171700
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: BASF
MPN: 4305
UNSPSC: 10171700
Made In: United States

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Can arsenal be used on Lilly pads in a farm pond?
Arsenal is not rated for in aquatic environments such as ponds. Please contact tech support for more details about what is available to spray in aquatic environments.
What is the water/concentrate mix ratio on this product?
There are many variables that will determine how to mix Arsenal. Please view the label under the documents tab to read the different application methods and rates. If you need further assistance please reach out to our tech department using the ask a question feature.



I tried for a couple years to eradicate Bermuda grass (weed in Florida) with Roundup Pro and other similar products with no success. While I always got a top kill, it always came back. Then I found this product. I actually bought it to tree saplings along a fence line. While spraying the fence line, I inadvertently sprayed a small patch of the Bermudas Grass. A few days later the Bermuda began to yellow, and within a week or two it melted away. I then used it to treat all the other Bermuda – a 100% kill rate. In a couple of areas, I did have to treat a second time. It’s now been two years and still no sign of any Bermuda. I did spot treat a couple areas in my St Augustine grass with great results. But be aware, this will kill almost everything it comes in contact with so use with caution. If you plan to re-sod, I found it best to wait a couple months because nothing will grow where this was applied. By the way, it worked good on the saplings too.