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Corteva Agriscience

PathFinder II Herbicide RTU

13.6% Triclopyr Butoxyethylester; A ready-to-use formulation of Garlon 4

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PathFinder II RTU Herbicide, 2.5 Gallon

For the control of woody plants in forests, in rangeland and permanent pastures, and in non-crop areas including industrial manufacturing and storage sites, rights-of-way such as electrical power lines, communication lines, pipelines, road sides, etc. Can be applied to the bark or the cut surface of vines and undesirable hardwood trees. Controls more than 80 woody plant species. No mixing required. Diluent is derived from a naturally occurring, non-petroleum substance. Individual dormant-plant treatments allow for use year-round. Active Ingredient is 13.6% Triclopyr Butoxyethylester. 2-1/2 Gallon Container.

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Quick Specs

Brand Corteva Agriscience
MPN 11020
UNSPSC 10171700
Made In United States

Quick Specs

Brand: Corteva Agriscience
MPN: 11020
UNSPSC: 10171700
Made In: United States

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Very effective at killing invasive plants on my property in new england: bittersweet, buckthorn, burning bush, Jap barberry, multiflora rose. I have been mechanically removing these plants for the past few years, which is very difficult and often not totally effective. Pathfinder 2 is VERY effective! Paint the bottom 6" of the bark all around each trunk, and the plants are dead within two weeks. I recommend using the "death stick" method of treatment: use a small paint roller on a long handled roller.


I've used this on Oriental Bittersweet in the NC mountains. It's expensive, but it's the only product I've found that's worth the effort. With a backpack sprayer it can either be sprayed on dense thickets or dribbled out with low pressure on individual vine stems. Plants are dead within 2 weeks, and Pathfinder II is effective even when applied in the dead of winter.


Used Pathfinder mainly on Japanese Honeysuckle -- very invasive and strong. Also used on some stubborn weeds. Worked great! I revegetated the area about 6 weeks later, and everything took hold very well.