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ShellT® Fully Ventilated Grow Tubes

ShellT® Fully Ventilated Grow Tubes

Designed for Organic Growers

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ShellT Grow Tube, Fully Ventilated, Brown

Perforated tubes are fully ventilated and allow for beneficial treatment to the plant with tube in place. SHELLT® Grow Tubes provide protection to help young plants get established and grow faster, saving both time and money. The hinge and locking mechanism makes them very easy to open and close with no need for ties or tools. Plus, units can be easily combined to create a wider or taller grow-tube. Made of robust and recyclable plastic with UV inhibitors for many years of use. Easy to open and close with two clicks. Easily removable without damage to the plant.

Note: Does not protect from herbicide spraying.

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Quick Specs

Brand ShellT
MPN SHELLT 734 brown
UNSPSC 30121800
Made In United States
Inside diameter: 3.25˝ or 2.75˝ (2 slits available on the same product). Open Flat Dimensions: 15˝ x 10.5˝. Height: 15˝.

Quick Specs

Brand: ShellT
MPN: SHELLT 734 brown
UNSPSC: 30121800
Made In: United States

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I've tried several different products and these are my favorite. Very easy to adjust as the tree grows by adding another section. They handle the weather well and are easy to reuse the next year (I'm on year 3 with my first batch). My only minor complaint it that it can be difficult to fasten the lock, particularly at the bottom where visibility is limited. I think that if the mechanism were a little bigger it would be easier.


These tree tubes are working in our desert environment where rabbits, deer, ground squirrels, packrats, kangaroo rats, skunks, and who knows what else that normally chomp off, rings, prunes, or digs up our trees. The javelina seem to either not have found the trees in the tubes, or are ignoring them currently. We started out using hardware cloth or rabbit fencing held up by rebar - which can fend off javelina. This method works, but became far too expensive. After looking online at many forms of tree tubes, I found these and they seemed like the most versatile type of tree tube. We have single ones around small trees, like small leuceana or palo verde seedlings. We double them around bigger plants like mulberries or elderberry. Then we stack them as the plant grows. So far it's working, and at the price, we can put in about 10x more trees this way that using rebar and fencing. I'm hoping that will make up for losses to javelina as the trees grow.