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Counter Assault™ Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray

Deters aggressive animals up to 30´ away

Item #: 17008
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Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray, 10.2 oz.

Discharges a powerful, high volume blast into the animal’s face. Designed for one-hand use, this aerosol spray disables the animal’s upper respiratory system. Consisting of capsaicin and related capsaicinoids, a red pepper derivative, this non-toxic, non-lethal deterrent is strong enough to stop a bear in its tracks. Meets or exceeds IGBC Recommendations. Black nylon holster is available for attaching deterrent to belt or backpack strap.

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Quick Specs

MPN 1506-7034
UPC 722031414402
UNSPSC 10191500
Made In United States
Range: 12 to 30 feet.


Quick Specs

MPN: 1506-7034
UPC: 722031414402
UNSPSC: 10191500
Made In: United States

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What is the shelf life of this bear deterrent?
4 years is the shelf life of Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray
how many S.H. units?
Counter Assault has 3.2 million S.H. Units.

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