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Globe Professional Edition Soil Color Book

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Globe Professional Edition Soil Color Book

This professional edition includes Hues 10R to 5Y and Gley colors from 10Y to 5B. Organized in a “waterfall” design, every color in each six-page set is visible at the same time, and the last page of each set functions as a convenient tab. Large color stripes measuring approximately 11/16˝ wide provide for easy color comparison. The book features lacquer-coated color stripes printed on water-resistant stock that can be cleaned with water and liquid soap if needed.

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Quick Specs

MPN 30900
UNSPSC 41113900
Made In United States

Quick Specs

MPN: 30900
UNSPSC: 41113900
Made In: United States

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I buy these books for my wetlands classes and my soil judging teams. They are almost indestructible. Water and mud are no problem for these books. These work well in the bright red iron-oxide soils of the Southeast. Those will ruin a standard color book after one field trip. These last me for years, even when inexperienced people start to use them in wet soils. The chips are large and once you get used to the way the book opens, it will become your favorite.


I have owned dozens of traditional color books and these Globe Professionals. I love the Globe because I use it in wetlands teaching students how to read soil colors. The traditional book would not have lasted a single day. They are a bit different, but once you get used to them, you will never go back to the other more fragile books that are not built for field conditions. I use my Globe with deep red Piedmont soils with no problems. They are almost indestructible.


It\'s different than a standard Munsell, but once I got used to it I am 100% convinced and use only this book in the field. First off, it\'s waterproof, so already a huge advantage over other books if you have to be out in all kinds of weather. It\'s also about half the size of a standard soil book, so great when weight and space are important. If you are just coloring soils in the field (delineations), it is extremely handy.