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Pesola® Micro-Line Spring Scales

Metric or Metric/English Graduations; 10g - 100g; 1 oz. - 3-1/2 oz. (Select Models)

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Pesola Micro-Line Spring Scale, 30g/1oz. x 0.25g/1/32 oz.

Features Metric graduations on one side; English graduations on the other.

Use precision Pesola scales to determine weights or, with the optional pressure set, determine the amount of pressure needed to move objects. Feature an easy-tare method which allows you to “zero out” container weights up to 20% of scale capacity. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless metal with an abrasion-resistant anodized finish. Scales work in any position, even overhead. Has a standard eye clip with a crocodile clamp. Includes plastic case. Three-year warranty on all models.

Product Notes:  Combination English/Metric Scales or Units. Combination English/Metric Scales or Units.

Brand: Pesola
MPN: 20031
UPC: 7612348200313
UNSPSC: 41111504

Accuracy: ±0.3%
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Options and Accessories

Pesola Drag Pointer for Medio-Line Scales

Fits all Medio-Line spring scales. The drag pointer is a plastic ring, new with well gliding Teflon components. The drag pointer easily clicks over the aluminium scale tube. Before measuring move the drag pointer towards the zero position. With increasing load the drag pointer moves down and stops at the maximum load per measurement. Suitable for rupture tests up to 1000 g. (The fine Micro-Line spring scales are not designed for use with drag pointers as possible friction might influence the reading).

Item#: 93046
  • Price:
  • $1.95
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Pesola Bird Weighing Cones, Pack of 5

Suitable for repeated use with 60 g - 600 g PESOLA precision spring scales. For field and laboratory application. Conical form gently holds wings together and precise measurement is facilitated by immobilisation of animal. Opening at base of cone allows the animal air and facilitates cleaning. Cone can be disassembled after use to save space. Also suitable for other small animals. Do not store cone in direct sunlight.

Item#: 93535
  • Price:
  • $29.95
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Pesola Pressure Set for Medio-Line Scales

With this accessory all Medio-Line Scales up to max. 2500 g / 25 N can be easily transformed into pressure measuring instruments within seconds. Drag pointer for maximum load indication per measurement included. The lower suspension can be easily removed if not needed.

Item#: 93045
  • Price:
  • $38.95
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Pesola Protective Tube for Micro/Medio-Line Scales

Transparent, durable. A Medio-Line scale with its pressure set 4.004 e.g. perfectly fits this packaging.

Item#: 93028
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  • $2.95
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Pesola Replacement Clip for Micro/Medio-Line Scales

Easy interchange e.g. with accessory 3.605 (10 g - 1 kg). Radially disengage the suspension and click the new part into its place - finished!

Item#: 93755
  • Price:
  • $2.95
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Pesola Replacement Hook for Micro/Medio-Line Scales

Easy interchange e.g. with accessory 3.602. Radially disengage the suspension and click the new part into its place - finished!

Item#: 93724
  • Price:
  • $2.95
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Pesola Strong Clamp for Medio-Line Scales

The ”suspenders” type of a clamp fits all Medio-Line Scales and excels by a high and indulgent clamping force. Ideal for textiles. The lower suspension to be replaced can be radially removed and exchanged by this accessory. Enabled by the multifunctional “click and go system” for the Micro- and Medio-Line.

Item#: 93047
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  • $9.95
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