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The stuff that legends are made of.
Built in the tradition of the first Ranger sold in the U.S. Featuring an aluminum bezel with graduations every 2°, and a special edition 75th Anniversary commemorative cover.
Dig into Spring Savings
It’s time to get ready for the growing season with new tools, implements, sprayers, fertilizers and herbicides. Check out our selection and tips for your soil preparation.
Nuisance Animal Control
Choose from a variety of different products to control nuisance wildlife on your property!
New Products
Check out some of the great new products you'll find in our latest catalog... maybe even some so new you won't!
Silky Saws
Take advantage of this limited offer to save big on Silky Saws!

Dynamax SM150 Portable Soil Moisture Kit
Offering fast measurement of volumetric soil moisture content, this portable kit includes an SM150 soil moisture sensor and an HH150 hand-held soil moisture meter. Using the kit, you can easily monitor the status of thousands of plants daily....
Hanna Instruments® pHep® 4 pH/Temperature Tester
Rugged and reliable, this tester measures pH as well as temperature (in °C or °F). The waterproof tester is designed to float and offers automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration, a HOLD function, efficient two-button operation,...
Spot Global Satellite Phone
The SPOT Global Phone allows you to communicate with family, friends, work and emergency services from virtually anywhere in the world. SPOT Global Phone is the ultimate easy to use, lightweight handheld satellite phone, boasting superior voice...
Smart Target Adhesive Reflectors
Use these retro reflective survey targets for fast, accurate construction layout! Great for backsights, check shots, elevation references and monitoring situations, plus they save crew time, keep employees out of danger, and allow you to get...
Helly Hansen West Coast Jacket
This waterproof jacket is constructed of PU-coated knitted polyester and features a fleece inside collar for extra warmth. The hood has drawcord and Velcro® adjustments, and an opening in the back of the jacket allows for ventilation. Features...
Sun® AltiLINQ™ Dashboard Altimeter/Barometer
Using the included Velcro® material, this altimeter/barometer mounts easily to the top or front of a dashboard. An extra set of Velcro® attachments is also included, allowing you to move the instrument between vehicles. Measures altitude and...